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The Name of the 4H Club is
'Paca Pals

Paca Pals has a Face Book page

The 4-H Alpaca Project goal is to participate at the Houlton Fair in July.


The activities will be an Obstacle  course, Showmanship, Costume, Clinics for the alpacas.

Displaying your projects at the events.

Schedule of upcoming meetings and events
  • We meet every other Sat from 10 AM to 12 Noon at Forticor Farms
  • Check Face Book page to see the next meeting date

Last updated: 2/11/2019

To find more  about 4-H in Aroostook County, Maine  click here.

Officers for the 2018 / 2019 are:
   President:  Alex
Vice President:  Dameon
Treasure:  Alyssa E.
Secretary:  Jackie

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Alpaca Performance Classes

Obstacle courses:

Take your alpaca thru different obstacles in the shortest time without moving the obstacle.  The  obstacle can be some of the following; Doorway, Pass-Thru Ring, Tunnel, Petting, Clothesline, Ramp/Stairs, Fan, Surprise Animal, Backing, Tail/Foot/Ear/Teeth, Jumps, Agility, Side Pass, Bridge, Serpentine, Teeter-Totter, Change of Pace, Water Hazard, Loading into a trailer.  Dress code is team  top, black pants and black shoes.



The showmanship performance consists of a poised, confident, neatly attired handler whose alpaca is prepared to a clean condition and performs the required movements with promptness and willingness.  The dress code is white button shirt, black pants and black shoes.



Youth are required to construct a costume for themselves and the alpaca.  The class is judged on originality and complexity of costume.  A short story to describe the characters the youth and alpaca are representing is to be prepared by the youth and is handed into the ring steward prior to the class and will be read by the announcer while the youth and their alpaca parade around the ring.



A public speaking presentation about different aspects of alpaca:  Shearing, Reproduction, Feeding, Worming, Grooming, Conformation, and others.  The presentation should be between 3 mins to 6 mins.  Dress code is team top, black pants and black shoes.

David and Judi Howard

82 Benn Hill Rd

Hodgdon, ME  04730

Cell (207)521-4551


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