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We are former scientists from California, who bought a beautiful old farmhouse on twenty-three acres in scenic Northern Maine.  We’ve added a steel barn, enclosed the pastures with chain link fencing.  We use four Great Pyrenees as our herd protection dogs, Tank, Luna, Mojo and Zeva.  We have summer and winter facilities for our alpacas and a heaters in our barn for the frostiest conditions.  Our farm store features Alpaca yarn, roving, scarves, sweaters and more plus stained glass pieces, biscotti, quilts, handicrafts and woodcrafts for sale.


Why Maine?  It’s the FIBER! The lush pastures, mild summers and cool winters of northern New England help to produce exceptional staple length fiber in these beautiful animals. You can really see and feel the difference!

We add Dairy Goat in 2014.  We are making cheeses and goat soaps soon.  We also, added chickens in 2015 to the Forticor Farms.

We now offer Ceramic classes and other crafts with clay.


FORTICOR is from the Latin meaning, "Braveheart".

David and Judi Howard

82 Benn Hill Rd

Hodgdon, ME  04730

Cell (207)521-4551


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